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How does the Location of the Hosting Server Matter for Your Website’s SEO?

With the rapid technological advancements, cloud computing has come up with several opportunities for progressive online collaboration from any location on the planet, any time. In the current world that we live in, considering the location of the data center or hosting server might appear insignificant. However, it is important to note that web hosting is still immensely relevant to the SEO of your website and can turn out highly crucial for the overall end user experience.

Effect of the Hosting Server Location on Your Website Speed

When an online visitor opens or loads a website, there is a network created between the user and the data center of the site’s host through a passage of several interconnected networks. This is referred to as the Internet. For reaching the computer system of the users, the data get transferred through the fastest and the most efficient path of the interconnected networks within the Internet.

While several networks have started making use of fiber-optic cables that enable the transfer of data with the speed of light approximately, a slight delay in the data transfer speed due to the distance in the location of the server might affect the overall user experience significantly. Therefore, the speed acquired due to the hosting server location plays a vital role in determining the overall user experience.

Impact of Local Web Hosting on Speed

The location of the hosting server of the site would directly affect the overall speed of your site. The closer your end users are to the data center of the website, the faster your site is able to load for them. The total time a web server will take to receive and process a particular request from some end user is referred to as the “latency”. In certain cases wherein the hosting server might be located on some different continent from the end user, latency has been known to increase substantially and thus, affect the overall page loading time in an adverse manner.

Impact of Local Web Hosting on SEO

For searching on the Internet, especially geo targeting, the location of the hosting server plays a very small role. In some cases, it turns out to be completely irrelevant. This was claimed by Google’s John Mueller recently.

However, even after Mueller’s statement, there is no denying the fact that choosing a web hosting server nearby to your location can give the end users an enhanced web browsing experience for your website. As it is clear that response time is crucial for the SEO of any website, it can be inferred that localized web hosting of your site’s server can directly impact the overall SEO performance for your online business.

Google regards page loading speed to be of immense importance in terms of the search engine rankings and better user experience. Therefore, server location and IP geo location turn out to be significant factors for any website to improve the chances of ranking high on SERP. So, when you come to buy hosting, remember to check the server location and that it makes sense to have it in such a location depending on where the majority of your customers will come from.

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