A new client in the Photography Space

Just wanted to write a part here about the strategy I’ve been working on with a good friend of mine back home. His business, David Dean Wedding Photography Essex is what he is and does – a wedding photographer in Essex. Definitely worth checking out his website as I have been advising him over the years with suggestions and tweaks to make to help him rank for his chosen keywords for his area and beyond. Also, if you are planning your wedding and are in need of a wedding photographer, David is your man!

With most photographers including wedding photographers, the images they capture tend to be of the highest of quality and therefore relatively large files. Combine that with the huge number of photographs that are taken and this has the potential to make for a very large website page file. For SEO this is bad as it may take a long time to load depending on a variety of factors. So for this, I’ve put a plan in place that is to be followed when publishing a blog post or updating pages that have images. That is of reducing down the size as we don’t need or want the files to be large and slow down the website. This can easily be achieved without any reduction in photograph quality. Simply opening up your favourite image editing software and select the tools for image size reduction or to a pre-defined size. Alternatively, you can use various plugins for WordPress and other website platforms will reduce the file sizes at the click of a button. Many are available for free and those with limited website knowledge, this is a quick and easy route to help reduce the size and in turn speed up the website loading times, resulting in longer visitor occurrences and high website rankings.

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